Auto Parts (Shanghai) Shares Co., Ltd
Shanghai is a beautiful and modern city, full of passion and challenges, a place to achieve dream and goals.Chinaway Auto Parts(Shanghai) Shares Co.,Ltd (abbreviated as Chinaway) is located there.
Chinaway is adjacent to Tongji university(Jiading campus).As an old Chinese saying:right time and right place. In 2010,as auto parts marketing profits was reducing fast. For better development, four auto parts companies (including Shanghai Niaoda,Xinyu,Tinghai,Kaipengshengdi) reached an agreement of centralized procurement and distribution,which formed the prototype of our alliance. After several years' exploration and accumulating experience, driven by the support of manufacturers and marketing integrity,Chinaway was hatching, which core business focused on centralized procurement and distribution of all series of V W parts and accessories.At March 2014, as some industry leaders from other provinces joined the alliance, Chinaway was founded eventually,including nine companies, Jinan Bairun, Beijing Jiayifeng, Xi 'an Aoqiang, etc. Chinaway's influence was becoming greater and greater after half year's operation. At the end of 2014, 25 shareholders in total joined us, covering the whole country. At March 28th 2015,New location is founded with the supports of strategic partnership and shareholders.At the end of 2015,Chinaway had already have more than 30 shareholders. As the business is growing, Chinaway started to recruit prefecture-Level distributors, striving for 100. Chinaway relies on more than 30 shareholders nationwide, which are domestic top auto parts distributors focus on all series of V W parts and accessories. And acts as the agent of numerous domestic and international well-known auto parts brands. With strong integrated information systems,convenient logistics,financial support, and other resource support functions,we supply all-round services for our customers.
Currently,Chinaway Established close cooperation system,with Bosch, ZF,Sofima,Continental, BorgWarner,Delphi, Valeo and other international and domestic famous auto parts companies, to ensure goods quality and protect our consumers' rights and interests.
First, we continue to strengthen the depth of cooperation with our suppliers,the credibility and loyalty are indispensable elements.In the past year, the promotion and support of our shareholders gave us a lot of support. In the future,we will make our company to get more value.
Second,increase the agency brand and product line.We will be cooperate with  more than 90% of the international first line brand and the domestic OE brand.And our product line will cover 80% of all the VW car parts.Third, We cover the national blank capital city, and expands the prefecture-level city dealer make further improvement .We will spread our local prefecture-level dealers to more than 300.
Looking to the future,the goal of Chinaway is to,become a professional service provider for V W automobile distribution supply chain,and to become the manufacturer of the platform for the sale of the products and the procurement center of the demand.